Hunter’s Choice and Cow Only permits have a similar hunt price. Because of the different details that make each hunter and their needs unique, one fixed price for all is not possible. Please call Jayden at (435) 879-1338 for details and pricing for your hunt.

All hunt packages include:

  • 1 Licensed Guide and 1 Spotter.
  • 2 Days of scouting prior to your hunt start date.
  • Cape out of your bison.
  • Packing your bison back to camp.

The Client is responsible for the following:

  • Transportation to the hunting location. 
  • Food.
  • Lodging.
  • Meat processing.
  • Taxidermy.

We can provide assistance with any of the Client Responsibilities. Pricing for these options is relative to the need of each client. Please call us for further details and to discuss Convenience Packages below.

Convenience Packages: We can provide Food, Lodging, and a Camp Host for the Client. This would be a price added onto the guided package. 

Packing Services: We are on call and available for pack-out services, even if you didn’t book a hunt through us. Our horses make light work of the rather taxing process of bringing your bison off the mountain. We charge a minimum of $750 to pack out a bison, regardless of the bison body size. The location, condition (if we will be removing the cape and quartering or not), and body size of the bison will increase our price. Typically, the pack out occurs the day after we get your call requesting help. The cold weather during the hunt should keep your harvested bison from spoiling.

ALL DIY HUNTERS: Save our number in your phone if you anticipate needing our help to pack out your bison. If you know ahead of time that you are going to use our Packing Services, it would be helpful if you gave us notice before the hunt starts. That way we can plan to have guides ready to retrieve your harvest as soon as possible. 

Client’s Physical Condition: Hunting Bison on The Henry Mountains will require you to be in great physical shape. We recommend obtaining a physical examination by your general doctor at least 90 days prior to your hunt. Accommodations will be made if you have a medical or physical condition that limits your capabilities. You can read more about physical preparations for your hunt on our blog (coming soon!).

Deposit and Payment: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required when booking your hunt. The remaining balance must be paid in full 30 days prior to your scheduled start date. 

Additional Options:

  • Accommodations for guests that will be with you while hunting can be arranged. Call for details.

We encourage a family friendly environment. The future of hunting depends upon us involving our children, relatives, younger generations, and those new to hunting. Because of this and for safety precautions, our Guides and Spotters all adhere to a strict no-alcohol policy. Any alcohol that you wish to consume will not be permitted while we are hunting. The situations produced when you mix guns, horses, and alcohol is too dangerous. We want to provide a safe and memorable hunting experience. 

*Prices do not include a recommended tip for your guide and spotter. The industry standard tip is 15-30% of the hunt price.